Optimize Your Manufacturing Workflow with Total Configurator

Customise products according to specific requirements, increase efficiency, improve quality control and reduce costs.

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Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency by streamlining customer ordering processes and reducing lead times to produce and deliver customer products faster. Automate tasks such as quoting, ordering, and product configuration to eliminate manual errors and reduce the time required for each step of the manufacturing production process. This translates into greater efficiency and productivity, drives down costs and increases profitability.


Simplify complex quoting processes

Total Configurator can simplify complex quoting processes and make them more efficient for businesses. By streamlining the entire order quotation process, from collecting customer information to generating highly accurate quotes, a visual configurator platform like Total Configurator can reduce errors and save time. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate options, customers can quickly select the products and services they need, and receive a quote that is customized to their specific requirements. The end result is a smoother, more streamlined quoting process that improves customer satisfaction and helps businesses stay competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.


Improved customisation

Manufacturers can offer customers a greater degree of customisation, enabling them to tailor their products to meet specific needs and preferences. Improving customer satisfaction will also lead to higher sales and greater revenue through allowing customers to configure products in real-time, reducing quote generation times.

Enhancing your Manufacturing business

The benefits are not limited to the key callouts above, Total Configurator also offer the following enhancements for your Manufacturing business.

Streamline ordering

End customers and distributors can quickly and easily order exactly what products and variations they need and see all costs involved automatically. Once happy with the configured order, it is shared directly with your sales team.

Increased sales

Solve multiple problems directly through a highly customisable platform, simplifying complex processes and allow customers to configure and order any product.

Full featured CMS

A full featured Content Management System provides full control and population for all selectable products, providing you with full control over the system, products and available variations.

Compliment your brand

Customisable with your businesses logos and brand colours, the system will feel like an online extension.