We have decades of experience in building configurable products for bluechip companies around the world.

Our team of experts has helped some of the largest organisations in a variety of industries streamline their product development and manufacturing processes.

Deep Knowledge

We deeply understand the benefits brought by visual configuration through our work building bespoke product configurators and custom software implementations for manufacturers across varying industries including Medical Devices, Building and Construction and Security. Our team have applied such knowledge to meet individual client briefs and bring sales benefits and more to each client's business. Total Configurator was forged and honed from this collective experience to make it flexible, powerful and easy to use across industries.

Forged in fire

When working with manufacturers to understand their processes and the pain points within them, we become expert in the affected departments and roles. We build knowledge, empathy and data together in order to be able to successfully alleviate issues and create efficiencies. Our pedigree with visual product configurators and visual product builders infuses every line of software code in Total Configurator, and with all the problems we've seen, fixed and faced, Total Configurator has been truly forged in fire.

Why Partner with us?
Total Configurator will transform your sales to end users and distributors by creating visually guided selling experiences and integrating all customer selection and choice data together across all affected departments. Partnering with Total Configurator will bring transformative changes to your customer facing ordering processes and will serve as a potent preventative measure against ordering errors. The outcomes from both can and will result in revenue growth and margin protection.