Benefits for your Sales Department

Close more deals with our visual product configurator

Total Configurator can be a game-changer for global sales teams, empowering them to deliver a more personalised and effective sales experience to customers.

Identifying your pain points

Understanding the pain points specific to the sales department is key to addressing them effectively. Here are some of the most common pain points we've identified:

Time: Manual configuration and sales processing of complex products is time-consuming.

Inaccurate quotes: Order errors cost time and money to rectify and process.

Manual Calculations: BOM needs calculated manually on complex product configurations.

We have the complete solution

Explore our solutions below to see how Total Configurator can help alleviate the pain points you may be experiencing within the Sales department.

Increase selling time: Automate complex quoting processes saving up to 80% compared to manual product configuration and quoting.

Accurate quotes: Provide your customers with a greater degree of control to visually and accurately tailor their products.

Automated BOM: Incorporate each granular option included in your customer's quotes. Automatically produce a digital bill of materials.