Benefits for your IT department

No maintenance and easy to use system reduces IT reliance

Provide IT teams with a centralised platform by integrating the configurator platform with other systems such as ERP, CRM, and PLM.

Identifying your pain points

Understanding the pain points specific to the IT department is key to addressing them effectively. Here are some of the most common pain points we've identified:

Data gaps: Manual order processes can result in gaps in ordering records which can be difficult to trace.

Skewed customer data: Errors in customer orders can impact customer data records and systems.

Disparate systems: Manual ordering data can reside in multiple disparate systems making it difficult to integrate.

We have the complete solution

Explore our solutions below to see how Total Configurator can help alleviate the pain points you may be experiencing within the IT department:

Integrated data: CPQ platforms ensure customer order, pricing and production information is available across all requiring departments.

Data integrity: Total Configurator ensures your customer's configured orders are accurate and fully complete.

Full featured CMSEasily add and update product configuration options using the bespoke powerful back-end content management system.