Benefits for your Production department

Let your team focus purely on production outputs

Production teams can benefit from Visual Configuration through a real-time, accurate and transparent customer ordering process for customers.

Identifying your pain points

Understanding the pain points specific to the production department is key to addressing them effectively. Here are some of the most common pain points we've identified:

Lead time delays: Manual order tracking and processing contributes to lead time delays in production and delivery.

Missing information from orders: Missing information can cause order production to process incorrect or incomplete customer orders. 

Inefficiencies in production: Manual order configuration can facilitate errors and incompatibility in customer orders, leading to inefficient use of production time.

We have the complete solution

Explore our solutions below to see how Total Configurator can help alleviate the pain points you may be experiencing within the production department:

Reduced friction: Remove friction to smooth out order to production processes through faster configuration and automating manual processes.

Greater detail: Ensure all selections and options configured in customer orders are included, recorded and passed to production.

Efficient error-free ordering: Enable visual order configuration and generate automated bill of materials shared with other departments.