Benefits for your Finance department

Let your team focus purely on financial outcomes.

Total Configurator can benefit financial departments by providing them with greater visibility into the sales and production process.

Identifying your pain points

Understanding the pain points specific to the finance department is key to addressing them effectively. Here are some of the most common pain points we've identified:

Manual order cost calculations: Calculating intricate and granular costs in complex products is time-intensive and presents error risks.

Time lost due to errors: Ordering errors cost the entire organisation revenue through time lost and rectification measures.

Departmentalisation: Manual sales of complex products can isolated from other departments creating complexity in processing and billing.

We have the complete solution

Explore our solutions below to see how Total Configurator can help alleviate the pain points you may be experiencing within the Finance department:

Automated BOM calculations: Calculate bill of materials calculations automatically as your customers configure their order requirements.

Time efficiency: Visual configuration provides greater control and guidance in configuring accurate and rapid quotes by eliminating error risks.

Departmental Integration: Receive fully automated quote requests from your customers into to all departments for processing and billing.