Benefits for your Customers

Intuitive system that enhances the full customer experience

Total Configurator can offer your customers greater customisation, faster delivery times, accurate pricing, improved product quality and better customer service.

Identifying your pain points

Understanding the pain points specific to your customers is key to addressing them effectively. Here are some of the most common pain points we've identified:

Order Errors : Customers lose confidence in their suppliers and productivity is affected when orders have errors.

Departmentalisation : Disparate departments and systems can mean that information relating to orders is not accessible on demand.

Complex product configuration : Configuring complex products with modular elements or variations is difficult without visual recognition and geo-spatial awareness of the placement of elements. 

We have the complete solution

Explore our solutions below to see how Total Configurator can help alleviate the pain points your customers may be experiencing:

Time : Solve complex ordering problems directly through a highly customisable platform. Simplify processes and allow customers to configure and order any variable or modular product visually in less than half the time.

Control : Total Configurator can offer your customers a greater degree of customisation control, enabling them to tailor their products to meet specific needs and preferences.

Maintenance : A full featured Content Management System ensures available and configurable products for customers are up to date and accurate.